Community Acupuncture

At Acupoint of New Hampshire, we offer community acupuncture.  This approach is similar to the way acupuncture is traditionally practiced in China.  Patients receive their acupuncture treatment in a group setting, relaxing in recliners or zero gravity chairs. The atmosphere of the treatment room respects the privacy of each patient, with the benefit of being in a communal healing space.  


Acupoint of New Hampshire is a proud member of the People's Organization of Community Acupuncture, a cooperative whose philosophy is to make acupuncture affordable and accessible to as many people as possible.  The community acupuncture model is designed to provide affordable acupuncture treatments in a group setting.  By providing affordable treatments, more patients are able to receive acupuncture as often as they may need to achieve optimal health, without a significant financial barrier.


Acupoint of New Hampshire is one of five community acupuncture practices located in New Hampshire.  The other community acupuncture practices are located in Concord, Manchester, Portsmouth and Salem.  Checkout these practices and support the growing movement towards more affordable healthcare!






Community Acupuncture Community Acupuncture

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