At Nashua Acupuncture Center, we specialize in treating female and male infertility through the use of acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine.  Amanda Sutter-Francis is a Fellow of The Acupuncture and TCM Board of Reproductive Medicine (FABORM), one of two licensed acupuncturist in New Hampshire with this distinction. At Nashua Acupuncture Center, our goal is to enhance your fertility, making it possible for you to conceive naturally or through the use of western fertility treatments, including ART, IVF or IUI.  All patients seeking treatment for fertility are seen in private acupuncture only. Nashua Acupuncture Center provides pre and post IVF transfer acupuncture appointments 7 days per week. 


The use of acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine for infertility has been cited in many journal articles. Here are some of the ways acupuncture can enhance your fertility:


  • Regulate the menstrual cycle
  • Stimulate egg production and improve egg quality
  • Increase blood flow to the endometrium to help facilitate a rich, thick lining for implantation
  • Regulate the hypothalmic-pituitary-ovarian axis
  • Prevent uterine contractions following IVF embryo transfer
  • Improve sperm count, motility and morphology
  • Decrease chance of miscarriage
  • Decrease stress and anxiety



We are here to partner with you to help you achieve the outcome you desire. We work with couples trying to conceive naturally as well as those who are using western reproductive treatments to achieve pregnancy. Wherever you are in your journey towards parenthood, we help support your physical and emotional well-being along the way.