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Amanda Sutter-Francis, LicAc, Dipl.OM, MAOM, FABORM

Amanda is the owner and operator of Nashua Acupuncture Center (formerly Acupoint of New Hampshire and Nashua Acupuncture).  She is a New Hampshire licensed acupuncturist, board-certified Chinese Medicine herbalist, a Diplomate of Oriental Medicine and a Fellow of the American Board of Oriental Reproductive Medicine.  She holds two graduate degrees; a Master of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine from the New England School of Acupuncture (NESA), the oldest acupuncture school in the country, and a Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology from Boston College.  While pursuing her degree at NESA, Amanda furthered her Chinese herbal medicine knowledge through additional clinical experience based on the teachings of Dr. Tao Xie, MD (China), a master herbalist.  She learned Chinese herbal formulas to treat chronic and acute conditions, with extensive focus on women’s health, including infertility and menopause, and gastrointestinal disorders.  In 2017, Amanda earned the distinction of Fellow of the American Board of Oriental Reproductive Medicine (FABORM), which involves extensive study in female/male reproductive health, endocrinology and assisted reproductive technology, including intra-uterine insemination (IUI) and invitro-fertilization. Amanda is one of only two licensed acupuncturists in New Hampshire with this distinction. Amanda is a member of the New Hampshire Acupuncture and Asian Medicine Association. 


Amanda’s goals when opening Nashua Acupuncture Center were multi-faceted.  She wanted to create a practice where patient’s clinical needs could be addressed as effectively and comprehensively as possible.  Hence, Nashua Acupuncture Center is a hybrid acupuncture practice – incorporating both community and private acupuncture treatments.  As a patient and practitioner, she sees the value in both styles of acupuncture treatment when it comes to clinical care and believes that patients do as well.  Secondly, Amanda brings her background in counseling psychology to the acupuncture setting.  She knows the importance of building rapport with patients and puts this as a pillar of the practice, alongside delivering the highest level of clinical care that we can. 


Amanda’s acupuncture and herbal medicine areas of interests include women’s health, female and male infertility, pain management, gastrointestinal disorders, asthma and allergies.


Christine Stuart, LicAc, Dipl. OM, MAOM

Christine joined Nashua Acupuncture Center in December 2019. She is a New Hampshire and Massachusetts licensed acupuncturist and board-certified Acupuncturist. She earned her graduate degree, a Master of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, from the New England School of Acupuncture (NESA), the oldest acupuncture school in the country, at MCPHS University.  She received her undergraduate degree in Bioresource Science from University of California Berkeley. While pursuing her graduate degree, she furthered her education in Japanese style acupuncture.  She is also in the final process of receiving national certification from the Auriculotherapy Certification Institute.


Christine is excited to be part of the Nashua Acupuncture Center team where she has interests in pain management, gastrointestinal disorders, asthma, allergies, Lyme disease, emotional/trauma based conditions and other chronic and autoimmune illnesses.


Outside of work, Christine has a relentless pursuit for learning and a love for nature and animals. She often has a book in her hands or is spending time

 with her 2 dogs, a German Shorthaired Pointer and a Belgian Malinois. She has trained dogs and competed in a variety of dog events since she was in high school. She also loves to spend time in nature with her dogs whether it is in the woods or at a beach or pond.


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