I went to Amanda for acupuncture because I had knee pain.  I am an avid runner - had run a number of half marathons and a full one too.  My pain was impacting my running and I didn't want it to get any worse.  After only a few treatments, my knee felt much better!  I didn't experience discomfort or pain while I was running and still felt good afterwards!  I would highly recommend getting acupuncture from Amanda for knee pain.  ~ C.S.


I cannot begin to say enough good things about Amanda and Acupoint of NH. I originally sought out Acupuncture after pain in my foot had gotten progressively worse, and wearing anything other than sneakers was causing me a great deal of discomfort. My mother had the same pain a decade ago and surgery left her with more pain than she had before even years later. I did not want to go through traditional treatment methods of x-rays and possible surgeries, and I also did not want the pain to impact my daily activities and walks I enjoy and that prompted me to explore Acupuncture. I have only been for a handful of treatments, but I have been very pleased with each of my experiences. I know that everyone's experience with this is different. However, for me personally I can tell you that Acupuncture is truly the single most relaxing thing I've ever done, including massage. Amanda is personable and professional, and it seems that everyone is at ease around her and her gentle demeanor. After the first treatment, I had noticed that a pair of shoes I had been unable to put on two days prior due to pain, I was able to wear for a full day with only a slight trace of pain. So far my experiences have been absolutely positive, and each visit leaves me excited for the future to see what is possible for me through Acupuncture. ~K.S.

If you have pain, take a risk and visit Amanda at, Acupoint of New Hampshire right now.  She has turned my life around since my first treatment in January 2013.  The results have been amazing!  I had been in constant pain since I ruptured a disc in my back, December 2009. Even after surgery, performed by a well respected Boston surgeon, I had foot and leg pain in addition to lower back pain.  All the doctors since have been trying to put me on pain killers. How disappointing, I for one didn't want to deal with the side effects of these drugs. The pain however was dragging me down, making daily living a challenge. Standing for any length of time was unbearable, just getting out of bed in the morning was a chore. I was becoming desperate.  A friend of mine suggested I look into acupuncture. After a search on the internet, I found Acupoint. I Facebook messaged Amanda to set up a meeting to learn more about acupuncture. She was delightful to talk with and seemed knowledgeable and caring.  I was a bit nervous at my first treatment but Amanda was reassuring and professional. It is amazing how much progress I have made in just a short time. The pain in my legs and feet has subsided considerably, my back has little to no pain.  I am so pleased and grateful.  Every week I look forward to my treatment. Amanda chats with me about the previous week, notes any significant details, then proceeds with the treatment. I find it very relaxing, falling asleep on a regular basis. After an hour I am feeling physically and mentally ready for anything.  I highly recommend Amanda at Acupoint of New Hampshire. ~ D.B.